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I want to talk about how I stumbled upon an NFT project that got me hooked. I’ll make a reservation right away that I’m not an avid crypto-enthusiast who is brilliantly versed in all the intricacies, but for those like me, I’ll tell you why I liked this particular project.

And we will talk about the Tegro ecosystem, in particular, now I want to tell you about their NFT collections. Tegro announced two of them – Tegro Cat and Tegro Dog.

A little about TON

Everything is fine know that now there is a sea of ​​different NFT collections on different blockchains. So, Tegro is based on the TON blockchain.

I’m already hooked! For the simple reason that I have already heard about it and I know that this is a very promising project that is slowly but surely moving towards becoming mass adoption.

At least, its gradual integration into the best messenger at the moment – Telegram. Many paid channels have already appeared, where the subscription goes for the TON cryptocurrency, it has become possible to translate it in correspondence with friends directly in the messenger. And after the appearance of the premium version of Telegram with a paid subscription, where there will almost certainly be payment for TON as well, this is a very cool blockchain marketing.

Tegro Cat and Tegro Dog. What is it about?

Tegro NFTs are made on TON, again, which is devoid of most of the shortcomings of its eminent competitors among blockchains. Each collection has its own story that evokes an emotional response.

Tegro Cat

Seals have such a legend that while we had a period of a pandemic and everyone was hiding at home from the streets, they were able to develop to the level of people without human intervention in their lives, and maybe even surpass them in some way. They are adherents of peace, ecology, friendship and love.

      Agree, it sounds nice.

Tegro Dog

Dogs have a different idea, but no less interesting. They are digital resisters. They are for freedom of speech on the Internet, for liberation from constant control and for equal rights and opportunities for everyone in the Internet environment. In the era of blockages and bans among countries, it is very relevant.

The drawing of both collections is on top, I personally don’t really like pixelated pictures, after all, now there is an opportunity to make beautiful NFTs, why not use it. There are no complaints about Tegro in terms of visuals, everything is very beautifully executed.

Application of NFT Tegro

But an interesting story and a beautiful picture is not the only reason for my interest in the project.

Tegro is planning a whole ecosystem that will affect a variety of products and services. So, NFT Tegro will be directly involved in each of their existing or future projects.

Their storage gives certain preferences:

    Staking their own token, that is, you can receive cryptocurrency by storing NFT;

    Participation in private chats;

  • Obtaining various insider private information; Discounts, bonuses and much more.

    The unobvious beauty of the collection

    The best thing is that this is not an ordinary NFT collection that went hype and disappeared, only those who speculated on it in time made money. Tegro works for the long term.

    The longer you keep NFTs and the more NFTs you have on your balance, the more you can get in the future. From all Tegro projects. The team focuses on HOLD and encourages users to also adhere to it, and not by force, but by arguing that this is an obvious benefit.

    Crypto Rookie Verdict

    Personally, I’m more pleased when the team that makes NFT collections is doing something else, I don’t really want to store just pictures that don’t carry anything other than speculation.

    The digital future is just, when these very NFTs can bring you both income and privileged opportunities, and at the same time it all grows exponentially.

    It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the crypto world and what level of understanding you have, I I would advise you to take a closer look at the Tegro team and their NFTs, in particular. It is better to buy at least a couple and see how the ecosystem develops.

    Personally, I did just that. In addition to the fact that it can be profitable, it is also interesting, but what could be better than such a combination?

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