Fear the liquidation cascade, but don't give up – Crypto on vc.ru

The picture below tells us that Bitcoin investors suffered over $7 billion in losses in just 3 days last week. Weekly losses approached $20 billion. It’s the harsh reality of the markets that too many people buy high and sell low. That’s why it’s so important to stay calm – develop an investment plan and follow it strictly. Don’t bankrupt yourself with hasty actions or excessive leverage.

There is still a lot of risk in the market right now, as liquidation cascades are still looming on the horizon. Celsius has $BTC worth half a billion dollars with a liquidation price of $13,600. Also, for example, in the network Solana lives a whale with 160 million dollars in $SOL, which should be liquidated if the price drops to $22, 3. And there are many such whales in different networks, and ANY of them can cause a HUGE liquidation cascade. Will they increase the amount of collateral to lower the cost of the liquidation and avert disaster? Possible, but not guaranteed.

Well, a little reminder to those who think that on Saturday there was a bottom and now we’ll fly to the moon : dollar inflation is raging=regulators are raging in trying to stop it=making money expensive=large investors are afraid to carry money into high-risk markets; the stock market crashes for the same reasons; the real estate market is going down; a food crisis begins in the world due to well-known events; and the US is facing a recession. Therefore, be mentally and financially prepared for a big rollercoaster in the crypto market, the bottom can be updated several times, and it may seem that, well, now it’s only up. But buy cautiously while the macroeconomic environment remains uncertain.

but important in such market conditions. Empirical experience says that those who gave up and left during the last bear market missed huge profits during the last bull market.

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