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Amazy – move to earn application, from Russian developers, which is just starting its journey. But what will it be like?


I will not talk here about the essence of AMAZY, as well as about the team’s plans for its development, because you can read it yourself with this information on amazy.io. Here, I would like to share my subjective opinion about this project.


The tokinomics of the AMAZY project looks like something that deserves to be trusted. Distribution of tokens with Private Sale and Team 2-5 years, which indicates the desire of developers to go for the long term… Distribution and emission are relatively transparent, and the potential demand is huge.

Discussed risks:

When it comes to hating the project, first of all, many point out the lack of large funds in it, and the personality of one of the founders, the face of the project – Sergey Kostenko.

Let’s start with the funds . Crypto startups, at the initial stage, very often, are evaluated by large funds that decide to invest in them, AMAZY does not have such ones – this means that we do not have an analysis, with a positive assessment, from organizations with extensive experience in the crypto industry. But we can rely on other indicators, for example, on the fact that the token was listed on OKX, and Bybit, or on the price of Genesis NFT, on the listing itself….

Now about Sergey Kostenko, Sergey Kostenko is the face of the project, and he has no experience with crypto projects, but why should he have it, for the project to be successful? Sergey Kostenko did not work on the tokenomics model, he did not create the application itself. He tells people about the project himself, and arranges this with other media personalities.


The project, thanks to its partners, has a very large audience that is already is in the crypto community, or which can enter it through AMAZY. The AZY token should grow in proportion to the growth of the audience of the AMAZY application, and the amount of capital in it, thanks to the treasure system, and the developers, more than anyone, are interested in this because of the late unlocks.


I believe that the AMAZY project has a fairly large potential for growth. Take a look, especially if you want to form the habit of exercising regularly – I think it’s worth it.

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