Canadian engineers have found a way to heat homes using Bitcoin

Quebec, Canada is accustomed to an abundance of energy from renewable sources and emphatically cultivates the rational use of any energy resources. When, on the wave of interest in cryptocurrency mining, a specialized company Heatmine appeared here, its management was faced with the question – how to dispose of the heat, which is a by-product of the work of numerous equipment? And this is what they came up with.

There was no particular problem with excess heat – Quebec is a northern city and 10 months of the year it is cold or very cold here. Therefore, when Heatmine engineers estimated the amount of heat generated, they simply moved the mining farms to hangars without heating, but with insulation so that the equipment would warm them passively. But this was not enough, and then they designed compact mobile rigs that are intended for ordinary miners.

One such unit generates up to 75,000 BTU per hour and simultaneously heats a greenhouse with an area of ​​up to 300 sq. m. This allows, with proper planning, to compensate from 75% to 100% of the cost of electricity for a mining farm. That is, at the exit there are practically free bitcoins and ripe vegetables of our own production at a price much lower than the imported one. And all this in the middle of winter – the experiment with greenhouses turned out to be the most productive. But such installations can also be used to heat houses, offices, warehouses, etc.

Canadian know-how also has global potential. It has been calculated that while maintaining the current volume of cryptocurrency generation, the incidental heat will warm up the atmosphere almost stronger than all other types of production. And if you don’t take it anywhere, you don’t find rational use for it, the air warming up on the planet by a catastrophic 2 degrees will come in a decade and a half. And then it is impossible to avoid large-scale catastrophes in which the accumulated virtual wealth will be useless.

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