ASUS will teach gamers how to mine cryptocurrency between games

ASUS – the largest Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer – is ready to encourage gamers to mine cryptocurrency between online games. To do this, they can use unoccupied graphic cards, and receive income through PayPal or WeChat. This is a joint project with Quantumcloud, a company known for developing blockchain software.

Details of the crypto resources available for use currently not available – however, according to ASUS management, all operations comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that Quantumcloud does not have confidential information about customers who decide to take advantage of this idea.

Also, there is no mention of potential revenue for gamers – and whether ASUS or Quantumcloud intend to charge a portion of it as a service fee.

In any case, gamers can hardly expect big wins. As Quantumcloud said on their website, “You are unlikely to get rich, but you can make some money on your idle graphics processors.”

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