AIRDROP – Get $35 in tokens from the new ULTIX crypto exchange – Crypto on

Ultix – a new exchange that has its own wallet and native $UTX token gives away 100 $UTX=$35. The roadmap plans for the project team to fully implement the following technologies: Crypto, NFT, Staking, Trade, Exchange, Market, Market API Integration, DeFi, GameFI, etc.

What needs to be done to receive bonuses :

— Go to the official website or our Telegram channel (There you will find many interesting drops)

— Then go to the Airdrop section and complete tasks (subscribe to social networks)

— Click on Receive and 100 UTX ($35)

falls into the account

AIRDROP – 35$ in $UTX tokens from the new crypto exchange ULTIX.IO

AIRDROP – Free Coin Giveaway

Immediately you can swap (exchange in USDT) – But as the founders promise, the withdrawal will be available only after May 31 (There are no guarantees that everyone will not scam as usual)

Swap token exchange UTX – USDT


While we are still waiting for unlock 31, you can stake coins for Staking under APY 446.76% per year 1.22% per day UTX (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOUR COLD WALLETS AND MONEY TO THE EXCHANGE – Since there are no guarantees that everything will be scammed – Use tokens only from the drop or earned on the site itself)

Get free rewards and rank up every day

UTX Free Reward

Referral program

Well, of course, like any decent scam or pyramidos, there is a referral program in which they give $5=15 UTX for each attracted user – come on to all recommendations consciously and wisely and remember the risks of the scam project reviews

Found reviews on Icoholders A lot of information not there – the tweeter and the rest of the social network + – look alive, but again, not like for a project with huge capital, everyone around is actively talking about this topic – We decided, for our part, to make the most honest review and warn about the risks, and you based on the above of the above data, you can already decide whether to enter or not.

Personally, the team and I entered, because we do not lose anything – we DO NOT enter anything there, except for the money received on the platform itself, but is it possible will them bring it out already question. (NOT a call to action or recommendation)

If you liked the review, then go to our

Telegram channel (There you will find many interesting NFT drops / reviews and giveaways review and reviews Roadmap

Q1 2022

Website Launch – Bet Launch – Limited Updates – Airdrop Launch

Q2 2022

NFT Market Launch Publish Market API More Pools

Q2-Q4 2022

  • GameFi Launch Trading Launch P2P Launch
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